Save Victoria Road School Campaign

The Victoria Road School buildings are very important to the local community. They were built over 100 years ago. They haven't been used for many years, but the structure is sound. Our goal is to find a developer to renovate them in a sympathetic manner.

You can see our current plan for the buildings below:

To view a gallery of photos of the current state of the school buildings, click here.

Victoria Road Christmas Lights

One of our first projects was to raise funds to purchase new LED Christmas lights for the street lamps of Victoria Road. With support from local folk and businesses, we have been able to keep this going and feel that it bring out the Christmas sparkle in Torry, bringing cheer and a welcome home feeling on the dark December nights. The initial turning on of the lights was marked by a plaque on the light columns close to Victoria Bridge.

Victoria Road Hanging Baskets

To help bring a summer sparkle to Victoria Road, we have helped to install hanging baskets to the vintage street lights on Victoria Road.

This year, we are ready to go further with local support

Torry Heritage Book

We helped raise the funds and were delighted to provide printing costs for the first Torry Heritage Book which we hope will be the first of many volumes cataloguing the rich history of Torry. The Torry Heritage Group is an open group that was formed by Centre users some four years years ago at Old Torry Community Centre. The group meets every other Friday afternoon at the Centre to share stories and photographs, and old dvd films of Torry and maritime heritage often form part of the activities.  In order to preserve and promote the history of the local area, several members of the group took it upon themselves to write a book. This is now available to purchase from Old Torry Community Centre and Taylors of Torry, and now Waterstones on Union Street

About Us

The Torry Development Trust is a registered charity has been set up by local folk in Torry for the benefit of Torry. Accountable to the community in Torry, we are here to work for local solutions to happen to meet the needs and interests of the over 10,000 people who stay in Torry, the boundary of which is the Wellington Road, the river, the sea and the foot of the Gramps.

We are here to help Torry folk with the challenges of urban regeneration, the environmental protection of our green spaces and coastal areas, and for the recognition and protection of the arts, heritage, history and culture in Torry.  We are open to hear your ideas

Become a member

We welcome your support and membership. To become an ordinary or associate member of the Torry Development Trust, you must be at least 18 years old. Membership costs £5 per year. To join us, simply fill in our online application form.

You can also download, print, complete, and return the form by post, if you'd prefer.